Author gmtc Date 2019-08-28 10:48 Views 3 Minutes of the German Mills Tennis Club Annual General Meeting

April 27, 2019 at the Club

Attended: see appendix A.
Malcolm called the meeting to order.
1. Motion to approve the minutes of the 2017 AGM. Peter and Dorin. Carried.
2. Malcolm presented and reported on the financial statements for fiscal 2018, noting revenue of
$17,017, expenses of $7,262 and a net income of $9,755. The club has $37,161 in the bank. The
first of five annual installments for court resurfacing will begin in 2019. The annual payment is
expected to be around $7,000.
3. Dorin reported on the inter-county results. There was a total of five teams and about 80
members participating; three mixed and two ladies. The mixed A team finished in the middle of
the standings and the mixed B and C both finished in second. One of the ladies teams finished
first and the other lower down the standings.
Dorin reported on the Human Rights complaint concerning the ratio of men and ladies on each
team. The decision was that each team should have an equal number of men and ladies. The
dilemma is how to achieve this when the number of ladies participating in the sport and wanting
to play inter-county tennis is lower than the number of men.
4. Peter spoke about the facilities. Court 3 is rippling in places. Once the weather has warmed up
the contractor will roll the courts where required to smooth them out. Peter plans for the club
to purchase three new nets, three new squeegees and some rollers in 2019. The lighting level
was discussed again but Nick and Peter both remarked that the lighting level is in the mid-range
and up to specifications.
5. Election of 2019 executive. The following members put their name forth for election.
President – Malcolm
Past president – Justin
Membership – Scott
Communications – Jay
Inter-county – Dorin
Grounds – Peter
Social – Nick
Treasurer – vacant
Secretary – vacant
There were no other nominations.
Dorin and Jimmy motioned to approve. Carried.
6. Club Constitution and By-laws. Malcolm spoke about the need to update these because there
are two versions conflicting in places and they have not been updated for a long time. The
proposed constitution and bylaws are based on an OTA template with minor modifications to
suit our needs. The document was posted on the club website in advance of the AGM for
members to review. The fiscal year end of the club is now August 31 st in order to accommodate
the September AGM. The membership year begins April 1 st of each year, coinciding with
insurance coverage period.
Motion to approve – Peter. Seconded – Nick. Carried.
7. Other Business. It was noted that club signage has conflicting public hours. Peter remarked that
the hours on the outside fence are the correct ones.
There was an inquiry and informational discussion about the arrangement with the club pro.

There was a suggestion the annual club tournament be held earlier in the season.
Opening Day is tentatively set for May 11.
8. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.