Author gmtc Date 2019-08-27 11:40 Views 3 GMTC Executive Meeting
Wednesday August 21 7:00 pm at the clubhouse

Attended: Malcolm, Scott, Justin, Jimmy, Jay, Nick, Peter, Dorin.

1. Final Membership count for the season is 178, compared to 186 in the 2018 season and 200 in 2017. The decline was discussed and the executive felt a membership level of 200 would be desirable. Jay suggested the club consider doing some marketing next year in order to sell more memberships.
2. The financial year end is August 31st. Receipts for reimbursement should be provided to Jimmy before that date. Tennis ball reimbursement is due from the A and C teams.
3. Peter reported all courts will be rolled at the beginning of the 2020 season and that some cracks need attention. The courts are under a five year warranty. Peter is obtaining quotes for a new deck, both wood and composite. The new executive will determine whether to proceed with the installation of a new deck or repair the existing deck. Peter reported the clubhouse is in good shape. Light maintenance will be done in 2020 to repair cracks on the west wall. Scott reported the Korean membership would like to donate a new BBQ to the club. The executive voted to accept the offer and thank the Korean membership for their generosity.
4. The club will hold its annual tournament early September. Malcolm will contact Wayne to organize the tournament.
5. The executive discussed the programs and oversight of the club during the 2019 season. The club operates on “auto-pilot” with inter-county, recreational, social activities and camps. While this is satisfactory, other approaches may result in an increase in membership. All of the current executive agreed to return for the 2020 season and put their names forward for election to the following positions.
a. President – Scott
b. Jay – Communications
c. Jimmy – Treasurer
d. Peter – Grounds
e. Nick – Social
f. Dorin – Intercounty
g. Malcolm – Membership
The club would benefit from women participating on the executive. Malcolm will reach out to some of the ladies team members and encourage them to put their name forward.
6. The Annual General Meeting will be held Monday September 23rd with a rain date of Wednesday September 25th. There will be a BBQ at the same time.
7. Adjourned.