Present: Justin Hummel, Nick Alexandris, Scott Song; Peter Schierau, Malcolm Owen

Regrets: Jay Sohn, Dorin Tatulea

Confirmed that all 2018 ICTA team captains are returning for 2019. Teams may decide to purchase their own balls for 2019 or have the club purchase them. The club receives a discount. Teams to let Dorin know if they want the club to purchase balls on their behalf. Team tryouts to be determined.
Malcolm presented the financial position of the club and a forecast for the next five years assuming status quo. The clubs share of the cost of the resurfacing done in 2018 is not exactly know but is estimated by the City to be approximately $30,000. Taking this into consideration the club is in good shape financially.
Peter reported that he visited the clubhouse several times over the winter and that it is in good condition. The contractor will make necessary repairs to court 3 as soon as the weather permits. We will need to purchase three nets this year for an estimated cost of $2,500, plus squeegees and other supplies.
Dorin and Malcolm will work with Wayne on his agreement with the club for 2019.
The fees for 2019 were agreed to be: Adult – $100, Junior – $40, Family – $220. Justin said he and Jay will update the form and upload to the website. Once done we will alert members by email blast.
The club will return to using shoe tags this year in order to better identify members.
The draft version of the new constitution and bylaws was discussed. Everyone agreed to move forward with member approval at the AGM.
The AGM is to be held Saturday April 27, 11:00 am at the club. The agenda is,

Approval of minutes of 2017 Season
Financial statements 2018
Vote on new constitution and bylaws
Election of directors for 2019 season

Notice of the AGM will be made soon. Documents relating to the first three items will be placed on our website. Perhaps we need a page for documents.

Current candidates for the 2019 executive are.

President – Malcolm
Past president – Justin
Vice president – Dorin
Facilities director – Peter
Membership director – Scott
Social director – Nick
Marketing director – Jay
Treasurer – vacant
Secretary – vacant

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

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