The Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – November 8th, 2022

2022-11-14 09:45
Attendees:  Peter, Giri, Noah, Sheila, Kunal, Michelle, Chelsea, Janie, Wayne, Nick, Jimmy, Dorin
Absent: Donna, John     (Resignations – Oct 24: Scott; Nov 7:  Danny and Leo)


Motion to open the meeting.  Peter raised. Sheila seconded.  Motion Carried. 8:05 pm

Peter chaired the meeting as President resigned and replacement will be confirmed at Agenda #4.
Peter took the chair role for this meeting given he is a long-standing member and a former board member.  The guiding principle for the meeting and thus the board is to follow the Constitution and Bylaws as was raised at the Oct 24 meeting.


Motion to approve to Mon Oct 24 minutes. Giri raised.  Sheila seconded.  Motion Carried.

3. CLUB PRO – Wayne Ho-Sang

Peter welcomed Wayne for his acceptance of the invitation to participate in the board meeting.
Michelle produced apology letter to Wayne.  Peter read out the letter. Contract presented to Wayne

Wayne’s plans for 2023.
  • While we had Opening, Wimbledon and BBQ last year, Wayne would like to add French Open.
  • Wayne also said he would like to host 2 double Strategy Clinics (free of charge) for 1.5 hours at the beginning of the season and in the middle.
Michelle: the past we had racquet try out night and Cancer fundraiser. First suspended due to Covid
Giri: could we revisit the Ladders.  Wayne said they had trouble. Round Robin more fruitful.
Dorin: suggested a club Tournament – 1 single 1 doubles.  1 sat 1 sun. Dorin will help but needs help.
Wayne was open to suggestions and confirmed he and Sheila will finalize events early next year.


4.1 Three Positions conceded as bylaws state a director is not be eligible to run after serving 3 years.

Nick conceded position he has held for 6+ years to other nominees Janie and Donna
Nicks input and BBQ lead has been invaluable – Nick agreed that he would support the committee.

(Samuel the other nominee raised at the AGM was not eligible to run as outlined in the bylaw as interest was not made known at least 7 days in advance of the AGM.)

Dorin conceded position he has been doing for 6+ years to nominee Chelsea.
There is some work outside and inside club. Very challenging experience and connection with people.

Jimmy conceded position he has been doing for 3+ years to nominee Kunal.
Jimmy talked to ScotiaBank about signing officers.  A current signing officer has to present the 3 new ones.

4.2 President Finalization

Given tie vote at AGM for Vice President and president resigned we have to decide who should take president role.  Peter remarked the role Noah and Giri took at the AGM and follow up actions to today’s meeting that Giri should take the president role for one year and Noah remain the Vice president to which Noah agreed.

Motion raised for Giri to take the President role and Noah continue in role as Vice President.
Peter raised.  Sheila seconded.  Motion carried.

4.3 President Address

  • Giri was humbled and honoured to take the president position for 1 year.
  • Giri noted while Michelle has done secretary role for 3 years and thus should not be eligible to run, as no one contested, both AGM participants and the Board welcome her for another year. Dorin interjected if Michelle is not contested next year she should be allowed to continue.  Michelle does a good job, we shouldn’t limit her to a year as not all positions are the same.
  • Motion for Janie to move from Social to Communication/IT given her capability and the gap. Sheila raised. Peter and Jimmy seconded. Motion carried.
  • Giri will reach out to Samuel to see if he would like to fill social or newly vacant membership role
  • Michelle to send an email to members after this meeting addressing the following items 2023 board list, a note that minutes of this meeting will be posted on the internet and that the winds screens are down and the closing will be either due to temperatures dropping or the first snow fall. Any new inputs from members should be forwarded to email.
  • Giri asked that Michelle to read emails, distribute to those to take action and to ask for help

4.4 2023 AGM Election Summary

Position 2023 Nominees 2023 Board of Directors
President Scott Song (resigned) Srinivasan Giridhar
Vice President Srinivasan Giridhar, Noah Shim Noah Shim
Treasurer Jimmy Nahm, Kunal Sarkar Kunal Sarkar
Membership Danny Kim (resigned) Vacant
Secretary Michelle Kelly Michelle Kelly
Intercounty Dorin Tatulea, Chelsea Kim Chelsea Kim
Grounds John Jo John Jo
City Liaison Peter Schierau Peter Schierau
Social 1 Sheila Tavassoti Sheila Tavassoti
Social 2 Janie Hoang, Donna Topolinski,
Nick Alexandris, Samuel Yoo
Donna Topolinski
Communications Leo Lee (resigned) Janie Hoang


MEMBERSHIP FEES – No motion raised
Jimmy: raised concern that fees are low – especially for family membership and we need to raise  funds for court resurfacing.
Wayne: feedback was our fees are reasonable.
Jimmy: suggested an early bird fee
Peter: remembers a nightmare with early bird fee – those late to register still wanted the discount.
Janie: website can take down early bird fee after the deadline has expired – i.e., prevent access
Dorin: if our court isn’t in great shape + we have only 4 courts should we be charging more. Peter: though we have a big amount to pay, city allows interest free flexibility in repayment
Nick and Peter:  material used on court will impact on how long it lasts vs issues we are seeing
Peter will meet with city in March (and at this time find out if we have a choice in material)

MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS – No motion raised
Giri: are spending too much on PayPal costs. QRcode and etransfer also noted as options.
Board has to consider both costs + integration into website/MailChimp when revisiting this

Giri: GICs can be used for club investment.  He will talk more about this with Kunal

Motion to have 4 bank Signing officers – Giri, Kunal, Noah, Michelle. If bank does not allow 4 Michelle will drop off.  Peter raised. Giri seconded. Motion carried.

FUNDRAISING – No motion raised
Sheila:  anyone like the idea of selling merchandise eg Tshirts or Water Bottles to raise money.  There was interest but Michelle suggested a proposal be made and shared with board.


  • Date: Wed Feb 22, 2023  – 8 pm
  • Location: Peter will get senior center room (given it will be too cold to meet at the clubhouse)


  • Motion to close meeting. Peter raised. Chelsea Seconded.  Motion Carried. 9:15 pm
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